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Western Hemlock 20% Dilution 5ml EO Bottle

  • $19.99

Brand: Great Bear Rainforest® Essential Oils

Great Bear Rainforest® Essential Oils is a social enterprise supported by the Coastal First Nations Great Bear Initiative — a non-profit society and alliance of eight First Nations on British Columbia’s North and Central Coast and Haida Gwaii.

Product Description

  • Ingredients Western Hemlock (Tsuga heterophylla) 20% dilution in a base of jojoba oil.
  • Use Dab sparingly on skin, or add 2-4 drops to a non-electric diffuser. Not for internal use.
  • 5ml size
  • Pungent aromas of pine, wood and a hint of pepper infuse the breathtaking fragrance of Western Hemlock oil, instantly transporting you into the heart of a sunlight-drenched coastal forest glen.
  • The towering, graceful silhouette of this majestic giant of the Pacific Northwest cannot be forgotten. Growing up to 50 meters above the forest floor, the Western Hemlock is distinguished by its drooping treetop and soft, feathery fans of needles.
  • The people of the Bella Coola regions traditionally used poultices made from Western Hemlock to treat burns, cuts, heart ailments and rheumatism.