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Cosmetic Grade Virgin Coconut Oil

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Product Information

Ingredients Cold-Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil

Botanical Name Cocos nucifera

Origin Phillipines

Qualities Extra Virgin, Cold-Pressed

Product Description

For cosmetic use only. An affordable oil for soap making especially! 


Coconut oil helps keep skin soft, smooth, and cool. Its natural anti-oxidants help prevent premature skin aging, address damage, and offer light sun protection (~4 SPF, i.e. blocks 20% of UV rays). It has a sweet, fruity odour.

Suitable for sensitive and problem skin due to antibacterial properties; however, not ideally suited for oily complexions due to higher comedogenic (pore blocking) rating and heavy texture from lauric acid (50%) and other long-chain fatty acids.

Suggested Uses

Makes a great massage oil, hair treatment, and base for lotion bars. Its cooling quality lends itself to burn creams and salves. Also a wonderful ingredient in soap (cold-process) and shampoos owing to its natural detergency and lathering capabilities. 

Can be used as an emulsifier and thickener in most recipes. Not as heavy as other emollient oils