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Shea Liniment Oleo-Calcaire Cleansing Milk

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Brand: Les produits de MaYa

Product Information

Ingredients Olive oil, Limewater, Carnauba wax, Grapefruit seed extract and Vitamin E (natural and vegetable), shea butter


Made in Quebec, Canada


Qualities Artificial Stabilizer-Free, Certified Organic, Fair-Trade


Shelf life One year after opening

Product Description

This ointment can easily replace 5 or 6 products you already use. The ointment's base (limewater) restores and hydrates the skin's while the oil protects the skin by creating a natural barrier. 


It has been used for generations in France as a cleanser, moisturizer and barrier cream for babies! 

  • baby cream for treating cradle cap
  • cleanser for wiping baby's bum
  • baby bum cream
  • children's facewash


With its natural oils and soothing properties, it is also wonderful for adults:

  • Make-up remover
  • Aftersun lotion
  • Aftershave
  • Minor burn treatment
  • cream to sooth rashes or irritated skin

How to Use

Diaper Changes Apply the ointment directly to the skin and wipe the diaper area with a dry washcloth. Do not rinse. The oil then acts as a barrier cream to protect the baby's skin from the urine soaked diaper. 


Moisturizer Apply the ointment liberally as often as needed to dry skin. 


Make-Up Remover Apply onto face and wipe off with a reusable make-up pad or cloth. Do not need to rinse as the residue acts as a moisturizer. 


Note Test on inside of your elbow before first use.