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  • $20.00
  • $20.00
Aplat Pochette Size

Product Description

The alternative to a toxic plastic sandwich and food bags, this small size pochette is perfect for packing sandwiches, crackers, nuts, small fruits, veggies, grains, garlic, herbs, and other small food items for storing or to take on the go. Made of preshrunk organic cotton, you can toss them in the wash to use again and again. Single-layer high quality preshrunk 10oz 100% organic cotton canvas to keep bread and produce fresh.


  • Machine wash cold to help save energy and sustain the life of the product.
  • If you can, skip the dryer. Lay flat and smooth out wrinkles to dry.


Pochette Sandwich & Snack Bag (Extra Small): 

  • A 2” fold over top to keep items secure and pouch closed.
  • Measures 7” x 7” flat.