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Naturborsten Toothbrushes

  • $10.00
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Product Description

Naturborsten Toothbrush is an eco-friendly wooden toothbrush with natural bristles. The brush is made from sustainably harvested beechwood and is then preserved using linseed oil. The bristles are made from all natural, sustainably sourced pig hair which has been thoroughly sanitized and naturally bleached.


The bristles can seem a little hard the first time you use them but they soften quickly when wet. This all natural product is made from all sustainable products and is also perfect for looking after healthy teeth and gums.


Care Instructions: Allow toothbrush to dry completely between uses. Rinse periodically with very hot water to deep clean or dip in rubbing alcohol or our 29% hydrogen peroxide to sanitize. Replace when bristles are worn.


End of Life 

The Naturborsten Toothbrush handle can be composted. The wooden handle will biodegrade into soil without pollution. The natural bristles are also compostable however, there are metal clips embedded in the head which make the head not actually compostable. You can break off the bristle head and just compost the handle or pull the bristle out with pliers then break off the head. This way, you can compost the bristle and handle but you will need to discard the head.


You can also use the entire toothbrush as kindling for a campfire or fireplace.