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Mini Camp Fire Abeego

  • $26.50

Mini Campfire Description

Backyards to beaches, balconies to backcountry, the instant and portable Abeego Mini Campfire elevates moments to memories. Brighten everyday outdoor occasions with a small, captivating fire that lights quickly and extinguishes instantly.


The Abeego Mini Campfire is upcycled from our Food Wrap production waste and gets us one step closer to being zero-waste. Includes beeswax, tree resin, organic jojoba oil, hemp, and organic cotton. Made in Canada


  • Place on a secure, heat-proof surface. The tin gets HOT. To light; use matches or lighter. To extinguish: cover with the lid. Let it cool before moving. Do not use water to extinguish or use in the rain.
  • Burns 3+ Hours
  • No Embers or Sparks
  • Windproof
  • Food Safe
  • For outdoor use only. Do not leave unattended. Users assume all liability and must follow standard fire precautions and observe local fire regulations. Keep away from combustibles, children & pets.