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Leucidal Preservative TSD

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Product Description

Approved by ECOCERT as an acceptable preservative in certified organic formulations under their rules.  Please note that the USDA does not certify any preservative to be used in cosmetics.

Challenge testing using Leucidal has shown that a ratio of 4% in lotions and other highly aquatic formulation, will produce a useful preservative system towards microbial growth.  In lab testing, this preservative was able to hold microbial's in check for two months.  Because of the results of the challenge testing performed on this product, we do not recommend it be used alone in formulations that are designed to hold a shelf life longer than a few months.  If your formulation is for home use, or for products designed to be used within a short period of time - this most likely would make a great preservative for your needs.  It is our opinion that you need a full spectrum preservative to achieve a long life for your cosmetics or those designed to be sold to the general public.  Used in conjunction with Amticide Coconut, or Linatural, this product will help make a strong preservative system that is based on natural science.


Usage  Use at a ratio of 4% of the water content of your formulation.  Lower the ratio if using a combination of preservatives (for instance 2% of either Amticide Coconut or linatural and 2% of leucidal).  Add at cool down at around 150 degrees or less.  Water soluble.

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