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Henson Razors

  • $90.00
Henson Razor Type

Brand: Henson Shaving

Henson Razor Information

  • Made from anodized aluminum
  • The handle is tapered from 12.25 mm at the tail to 9.75 mm near the head, with an overall handle length of 96 mm
  • .68 mm Blade Gap and .033 mm Blade Exposure
  • 37g
  • Made in Canada


  • The Henson AL13 puts an end to shaving irritation and cuts, while also making your skin feel comfortable and smooth. We created this to give you a whole new shaving experience unlike any other. Your skin will feel amazing after using this razor.
  • The Henson is designed to present the blade at the optimum shaving angle, with as little blade extension as possible.
  • Built with exit channels to easily rinse away hair and creams

Usage + Care

Make sure you screw the handle into the top cap fully

  • Make sure you fully close the razor by tightening the handle until it stops.
    Not fully tightening the handle will result in more blade exposure and a different shave than the design of the Henson razor intends.


Wet/lubricate skin before shaving with shaving cream, gel, soap, or just water


Apply only mild pressure to your skin

  • The Henson is designed to present the blade near the bottom of your hair follicle, right where it meets your skin.


Run the razor under the tap or swish in water to clean


Properly dry the razor between uses

  • After each shave, loosen the handle to the point where the blade is no longer bending (about 1 and a half turns) and store the razor on its side in a dry place.