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Organic Heirloom Pancake + Waffle Mix

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Heirloom Pancake & Waffle Mix Description

  • Ingredients wholegrain heirloom Marquis, 1907 (hard red) & Bishop, 1891 (hard white) flour, heritage Pitic (soft white) wheat flour, organic aluminum-free baking powder, OMRI certified baking soda, Redmond sea salt.




  • Origin Canada
  • Description Many of the heirloom grains have not been grown for over 100 years or have become almost extinct before Ben and Claudia at Treasure Life Farms decided to follow their commitment to biodiversity and sustainability. On their certified organic farm, they cultivate their crops in the rich alluvial soil in a "rotation and fallow" method, carefully rotating seedbeds, ensuring sufficient nutrient buildup through cover cropping. Grains are allowed to ripen at their own pace and are then harvested, cleaned, and stored in wooden granaries on their farm - all contributing to superior taste and nutritional value. Flours are freshly milled in small batches on a centrifugal mill which pulverizes the grains so finely that it requires no sifting and without any temperature increase, preserving optimal nutrient density of the flour. This pastry flour has been minimally sifted in order to obtain a lighter quality flour.


  • Cooking directions preheat griddle to about 200 ºC (400 ºF). Combine 1tsp oil, 1tsp sweetener, and 1 egg or vegan egg replacer - then add 1cup pancake mix and stir just until blended. Pour on a lightly greased griddle and cook until bubbles appear on the surface - then flip and cook until golden brown. Enjoy with maple syrup, berries, chocolate chips or your favorite topping.