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Vegan Flosspot

  • $10.00
Flosspot Vegan Gold Type

Flosspot Gold Vegan Floss Description

Flosspot Gold is a refillable stainless steel jar filled with PLA from corn floss, an alternative to fossil-based plastics, lab tested for purity and compostability. Flosspot Gold is coated with candelilla wax, flavoured with ginger-mint and packaged with a durable refillable stainless steel jar. Non-toxic stainless is a perfect zero waste refillable container for this vegan-friendly floss.


1 Stainless Steel Jar + 50m Spool of Vegan PLA from Corn Floss

Flosspot Gold Vegan Floss Refill

2x50m Spools of Vegan PLA from Corn Floss