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Douglas Fir 5ml EO Bottle

  • $24.99

Brand: Brand: Great Bear Rainforest® Essential Oils

Great Bear Rainforest® Essential Oils is a social enterprise supported by the Coastal First Nations Great Bear Initiative — a non-profit society and alliance of eight First Nations on British Columbia’s North and Central Coast and Haida Gwaii.

Product Information

  • 5ml bottle
  • Douglas Fir essential oil (Pseudotsuga menziesii)
  • Handcrafted by the Indigenous Nations of the Great Bear Rainforest®


Product Description

Traditional uses of Douglas Fir boughs are numerous for Coastal Indigenous peoples – notably, the fresh, fragrant boughs often cover the floors of ceremonial spaces and sweat lodges. A few drops of this oil’s distinct piney essence refreshes rooms of stale air, and can be applied diluted to the skin for a clean, woodsy fragrance. Rising up to an awe-inspiring 85 meters, the Douglas Fir is one of the most immense, wondrous trees of the world.


Dilute before putting on skin, or add 2-4 drops to a diffuser. Not for internal use.