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Carpet Clean Soap Exchange

  • $18.50

Carpet extraction systems, or carpet shampooers, need a cleaning solution that is both highly concentrated and low-sudsing. The high level of concentration means that the solution won’t dilute to the point of being useless when it mixes with the water in the tank. A low-sudsing shampoo doesn’t produce an excess of soap bubbles, creating extra work for you and leaving your carpet pile feeling stiff or sticky.

Carpet Clean is both highly concentrated and low-sudsing, making it ideal for any carpet extraction system. Based on D-limonene, a compound commonly found in citrus peel, Carpet Clean is great as a general carpet shampoo, or as a pre-treater for tough grease stains.

Directions: When using Carpet Clean in a commercial or residential extractor, you will only need to add 1 oz. per gallon of clean water.