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Breathing Mix Uncle Harry's

  • $8.50


Clean oxygen is vital to living, yet air pollution is increasingly becoming a modern threat. Ditch the so-called air fresheners and take advantage of purifying plant essences to help clear the nasal passages. Uncle Harry's Breathing Mix is a versatile synergy blend of electrifying, crisp essential oils for decongestion. Breathe!


Warning: Keep out of reach of children. 100% pure steam distilled essential oils. For external use only!

Best if used within 36 months of opening.




Essential oils of eucalyptus, niaouli, lavender, peppermint, pine, geranium, and oregano.

How to Use

  • This electrifying blend has limitless uses. Put two drops on a handkerchief and breathe frequently. 
  • Diffuse: Add five drops per ½ cup water to purify air and invigorate. 
  • Cleaning: Dilute up to ten drops per ½ cup water in a spray bottle.