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Äggcøddlers (Egg Coddlers)

  • $30.00
Äggcøddler Colour


Product Information

  • Porcelain / silicone
  • Dimensions: Total Ø 55 mm, top Ø 40 mm, height 95 mm, volume 125 ml, weight 133 g
  • Designed in Sweden / Made in Germany

Product Description

White porcelain shiny cup and colored matte lid that comes in 5 colour options + white silicone rubber band
Design Jois James

The Scandinavian ÄGGCØDDLER (derived from its less-famous English relative - the egg coddler) is a simple idea – it’s a porcelain cup with a lid in which amazing egg delicacies are born. What you create is pretty much only limited by your imagination. ÄGGCØDDLERs are great for breakfast, brunch, a snack, or whenever you feel a little peckish and want a treat.


How to make an ÄGGCØDDLER:

First, butter the inside of the cup to add flavour to the egg and the other ingredients you’re about to add. Next, you break an uncooked egg into the cup. Then you can add all sorts of spices, herbs, cheese, vegetables, meat – whatever you want. You can keep it simple or experiment with new flavour combinations. Then you secure the lid with the elastic ribbon and partially immerse the ÄGGCØDDLER in boiling water for a few minutes – how long depends on how firm you like your eggs. When the timer goes off, you carefully lift the porcelain from the water, remove the lid, and enjoy!