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Sweet Almond Carrier Oil

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Product Information

Ingredients Sweet Almond Oil

Botanical Name Prunus Dulcis

Qualities Cold Pressed, Refined

Precautions Caution with nut allergies. Rarely people will suffer allergic reactions, including stuffy nose and skin rash.

Product Description

Sweet almond oil is highly emollient, light weight and is absorbed slowly preventing and replenishing loss of skin nutrients. Good for all skin types but especially nourishing for inflamed, itchy, dry and scaly skin conditions. Generally considered hypoallergenic.

Suggested Uses

Versatile and commonly used oil in body care and massage. Can be used on hair as a conditioner to help reduce breakage, split ends, overall dryness and itchy scalp. 

Helps improve penetration of essential oils in aromatherapy due to light texture, absorbability, and lack of odour.