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Organic Castor Carrier Oil

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Product Information

Ingredients Organic Castor Oil

Botanical Name Ricinus Communis

Origin India

Qualities Expeller-Pressed, Filtered, Organic

Product Description

Acts as a humectant, helping to draw moisture to the skin and provide a protective barrier against moisture loss and environmental damage. It is absorbed slowly. Beneficial for inflammed, dry, cracked, and mature skin (e.g., scars, eczema, psoriasis). 

Contains a fatty acid (undecylenic acid), which is useful for treating ulcerating fungal skin diseases.

Suggested Uses

Commonly used in natural soaps, creams, lotions, massage products, lip balms, lip glosses and hair conditioners, including eyelash products. This oil has been refined via filtration to remove some of the natural sharp scent produced by castor. A common oil used in traditional shampoo bars, it adds extra moisture for hair. 

Traditionally used to remove cysts / warts and relieve itching. May also be used to relieve/ease pain and inflammation, aid digestion and circulation, and condition tissues and organs beneath the skin.