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Organic 18% GLA Borage Carrier Oil

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Product Information

Ingredients Organic Borage Oil

Botanical Name Borago Officinalis

Origin China

Qualities Cold-Pressed, Organic, Refined

Precautions Not recommended during pregnancy or nursing.

Product Description

Borage oil, also known as starflower oil, has a strong odour and is both anti-inflammatory and inflammation-modulating. Contains the most gamma-linoleic acid (GLA) ~<20% of all natural liquid oils, an omega-6 which repairs the skin barrier faster than more prevalent linoleic acid (found in vegetable oils, nuts and seeds), as well as decreasing transepidermal water loss and increasing skin hydration and flexibility. It has a slower absorption than a typical oil. 

It also contains ferulic acid (stronger anti-oxidant than Vitamin E), which helps soothe and moisturize skin, repair environmental skin damage, reduce itching/inflammation and may inhibit skin aging. 

Suggested Uses

Use on skin by applying a few drops and massaging into skin.