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Soap Flakes

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Product Information

Ingredients Sodium olivate, aqua, sodium cocoate, sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide


Made in Marseille, France


Qualities Fragrance-Free, Glycerin-Free, Palm-Free

Supplier's Note

Oliver oil-based household Marseille soap already cut in small flakes. 


Storage tip: store in an open bag/container or in a non-airtight wooden box. Marseille soap must "breathe"! 


For Laundry (Caution: Oil based soaps may cause build up in laundry machines, we recommend this product for hand wash only)

  • Melt 1-2 tbsp of soap flakes in 4 litres of hot water. 


For Foaming Hand Soap 

  • 1 part soap flakes + 1 part hot water. Dissolve to make a concentrated soap solution. Pour this liquid concentrate up to 1/3 of the foaming soap bottle and top up with cold water. Shake to blend the liquids. 


All Purpose Cleaner 

  • 1 tbsp + 1 cup of hot water. When the soap flakes have dissolved, top up with cold water to make 1 litre of soap. Pour into a spray bottle and use to clean all surfaces, including porous, delicate materials such as marble and other stones. Use to clean plants, shampoo your pets, apply as a stain remover, etc. 
  • Make a stronger concentration to wash dishes in the sink: 1/4 cup soap flakes + 2 cups hot water.