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Cleaning Tools

  1. Suede Cleaning (Brass) Brush
  1. Clothes Brush
  1. Hat Brush
  1. Shoe Cleaning Brush Large
  1. Shoe Horn 11.5cm
    Sold Out
  1. Dust Pan Black Enamel
  1. Dust Pan Zinc Metal with Wood Handle
  1. Dust Pan Stainless Steel
  1. Dust Pan White Enamel
  1. Hand Brush - Horse Hair
  1. Tampico Hand Brush
  1. Oiled Wood No Handle Floor Scrub Brush
  1. Floor Scrub Brush with Handle - Union Bristles
  1. Raw Wood No Handle Floor Scrub Brush
  1. Round Edge Tampico Scrub Brush
  1. Hedgehog Table Brush Hand Brush
  1. Wooden Door Stop
  1. Natural Child Broom