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Virgin Moringa Carrier Oil

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Product Information

Ingredients Moringa Oil

Botanical Name Moringa Oleifera

Origin India

Qualities Unrefined, Virgin

Product Description

It has emollient and skin-moisturizing properties. It is a stable raw material with a high resistance to oxidation. Rich in moisture as well as vitamins B and C, this oil is known to nourish, condition, and exfoliate the skin, thereby helping to minimize the appearance of the signs of aging.

Suggested Uses

Used in making hair creams, conditioners, skin lotions and body butters. It is recommended in massage and aromatherapy since it spreads so easily on the skin without being greasy. It's absorption of fragrance compounds makes it an ideal base ingredient for perfume formulations, such as those involving essential oils with floral, nutty, herbal, or spicy aromas.