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Organic Avocado Carrier Oil

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Product Information

Ingredients Organic Avocado Oil

Botanical Name Persea Gratissima

Qualities Expeller-Pressed, Hypoallergenic, Organic, Unrefined

Product Description

A penetrating, healing emollient that increases elasticity without leaving a greasy after-feel. High in B vitamins which can help treat and protect against skin damage and promote cell regeneration. It also contains amino acids, lecithin, and vitamins A, D and E. Ideally suited for dry, mature skin and wounds. It is easily, yet relatively slowly, absorbed by hair and skin, making it a popular choice.

Suggested Uses

Hair Work through damp, clean hair daily or as needed to lock in moisture. 

Skin Apply a few drops and massage into skin.


Can also be used in making hair care products, creams, lotions and soap.