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Nablus Soaps

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Nablus Soap

Product Description

Origin Palestine


  • Ingredients: Olive Oil, Water, Lye
  • Made in the same tradition in Nablus since the 13th century, Palestinian soap is cooked according to the world's oldest soap-making tradition, it is considered by many to be one of the most gentle and least irritating soap. It can be used from head to toe, safe for everyone from babies to people with sensitivities.


We have donated (in advance of sales) all proceeds of the sales of Nablus soap to support the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. 


In December 2023, a total of $700 USD was donated to: 

Palestine Children's Relief Fund (PCRF)

Palestine Red Crescent Society


In February 2024, $1230 CAD was donated to UNRWA


The Camel

The Camel / al-Jamal, made in the Shaka'a family-owned workshop in Nablus, is the most iconic imprint of Nablus soap


The Land

The Land' is made by the Women's Soap Co-operative of Beita, just south of Nablus. The newest of the Nablus soap brands, al-Ard are true gems.


Since they work in relatively small batches and are connected with many local small producers, their olive oil is often among the very best. The cooperative's equipment is all stainless steel and runs on electricity.