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5L TIN Greek Biodynamic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Brand: Acropolis Organics

Product Information

Ingredients extra virgin olive oil 


Smooth and buttery flavour. No chemicals, preservatives or other oils added. Sustainably farmed.


Origin Crete, Greece 

Size 5L 


Description This single-estate biodynamically produced extra virgin olive oil from Acropolis is made with the superior variety of Koroneiki olive, giving it a smooth and subtle buttery taste and bold aroma. Ecological farming methods allow the ‘King of Olives’ to thrive, resulting in extra virgin olive oil with low acidity and high levels of polyphenol antioxidants, making it healthier, more delicious and better to cook with. Bio-Harvest Agriculture means that they use all-natural and sustainable farming methods instead of industrial farming practices that rely on synthetic fertilizers and toxic pesticides. Their fields and olive trees are never contaminated with chemicals, and their oils are never adulterated