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Tapioca Pearls

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Tapioca Pearls Description

  • Ingredients tapioca


    Gluten Free


  • Origin Canada
  • Description pearled tapioca is obtained by a light hydrothermal process (pregelification) of tapioca starch. The granulated tapioca has a regular viscosity and becomes stiff at a relatively low temperature. Pearled tapioca can be used for making puddings, desserts, bubble tea, and soups. Depending on preference, tapioca pudding can be eaten alone, with cream, sweetened with white sugar or flavored with coconut milk.


Cooking Tips

  • the whole process of getting most of the pearls cooked as clear could take up to 90 minutes.
  • only rinse or soak your pearls if you're making desserts like pudding. If soaked they will start to lose their shape and dissolve.
  • pre-boil the water before adding the tapioca pearls and cook them in high heat with the cover on.
  • try not to stir them a lot. Stirring, just like cooking them on low heat, releases the starch and you end up with very starchy and sticky water.
  • make sure there is enough water as the pearls will absorb a lot of water while cooking. Besides, the water will evaporate fast if cooking on high heat. We suggest 4-6 cups of water for every cup of tapioca pearls.
  • not all pearls cook at the same time. Some may still have an opaque center when others are already clear.
  • because they are so starchy, you may have to change the water a couple of times and discard the starchy water.
  • when changing the water, you can collect the pearls with a sieve and select the ones that are cooked to your preference.
  • every time you change the water, pre-boil it before adding back the pearls. You can use an electric kettle to speed up the process.
  • taste the pearls throughout the process to test for the right texture. Some may still have a white spot in the center but have already reached a desirable texture.
  • rinsing the pearls with cold water stops the cooking process. It prevents them from being over-cooked and helps to maintain their shape and texture.