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Plant Based Bacun Bundles

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Brand: PlantBase Food & Specialties

Supplier Note

  • Ingredients Wheat protein flour, nutritional yeast, onion powder, pimenton (smoked paprika), water, maple, soy sauce, liquid smoke essence, red miso pasta, handmade vegan worcestershire sauce, olive oil, chana flour, garlic powder, rice vinegar, virgin coconut oil, salt, kala namak




  • Origin Vancouver, BC.
  • Description A local favourite. This Bacun is not to be missed! BacUN is a Seitan based, layered, and sliced bicolour slab packed in a delicious handmade maple smokey grease.
  • Cooking Instructions Once defrosted, cook on medium high until ever so slightly crispy on edges and soft in the middle. Usually no longer than a minute per side. You can also use deep fryer method!