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Zimt Macaroon Flavour

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Salted Vanilla Bean Caramel Macaroons Description

  • Ingredients coconut flakes*, coconut nectar*, coconut flour*, Vancouver Island salt, vanilla bean*.


     *raw, vegan, organic, ethically sourced


  • Origin Vancouver
  • Description Vanilla bean caramel, macaroon sweetened with coconut nectar. Like biting into a big piece of salted vanilla caramel- with a hefty dose of coconut for good measure!

Double Chocolate Macaroons Description

  • Ingredients: chocolate (cacao nibs*^, coconut sugar^,  cacao butter^), cocoa powder^, coconut flakes*, coconut sugar^, coconut nectar*, coconut oil^.


     *organic, raw, vegan, ethically sourced
     ^ vegan, organic, ethically sourced


  • Origin Vancouver, BC
  • Description Cocoa macaroon sweetened with coconut sugar and covered in chocolate! So fudge-y and decadent, this is almost like a chewy chocolate covered brownie.