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Organic Hemp Oil

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Product Information

Ingredients Hemp Seed Oil

Origin Canada

Qualities Cold Expeller-Pressed, Extra Virgin, Organic


Product Description

Cooking Oil Hemp oil is an excellent healthy fat source with a rich nutty taste.


Carrier Oil Protects the skin's natural moisture barrier and soothes skin from damage. Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant with natural sun-protection properties. Absorbs well into skin; non-comedogenic. Nutty smell, deep green colour from chorophyll. Highly nourishing as a rich source of plant sterols, phytonutrients, essential amino acids, and essential fatty acids (80%). Replenishing and especially well-suited for dry, itchy skin and scalps. 

Suggested Uses

Cooking Oil Due to its low smoke point, it's best used for raw meals, including salads, dips and cold soups. 


Carrier Oil High levels of EFAs make it a great addition to skin care products including lotions, creams, facial/body/massage oil, hair (increases manageability, shine, and body; may protect against hair loss), shaving products, lip balms, and soaps.