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Ecostraw Colour

Product Description

Includes: 1x 9mm Ecostraw AND 1x 6mm Ecostraw, Carrying Case, and Cleaning Brush. Each assembled straw is 194mm (7 5/8") in length, comprised of two sections each 98mm (3 7/8") long. The carrying case is approximately 114mm (4 1/2") long.


Made from food grade anodized aluminum - colour will not chip or fade does not alter taste of beverage and bacteria resistant. Ecostraw works for cold, hot and blended beverages. It comes in cool colours, includes a cleaning brush and the funky container can be used as a wash and rinse chamber as well as looking good on your key chain or around your neck on a lanyard when you hit the beach.


Care Instructions

  • DO NOT over tighten. Once connected, a light finger tight twist is all you need – depending on how much you “play” with your straw during use you may need to occasionally re-finger tighten your two piece Ecostraw
  • Wash with PH neutral or PH <7 soaps only – rinse with water for best results
  • When used for hot beverages test temperature to your comfort level
  • Fill container with lemon juice, water, vinegar (almost any non-poisonous liquid) for cleaning straw when away from home
  • Once you have cleaned your straw – discard liquid
  • Use cleaning brush by pushing through both ends of separated straw to clean inside then store brush in handy container for next time you need it.