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Calendula Carrier Oil

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Product Information

Ingredients Calendula Oil

Botanical Name Calendula Officinalis

Origin Egypt

Qualities Steam-Distilled

Precautions Ensure broken skin is sterile before applying to avoid trapping bacteria.



Product Description

Due to the anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and wound-healing properties of its flowers, is is used as a treatment for damaged soft tissue, including skin, veins and muscles. It helps to soften and soothe dry, chapped skin, promote tissue regeneration and is effective on aging skin. 

Suggested Uses

Can be used for massage, added to a bath or worked into a local area. 


Can also be used in making ointments, salves, balms, creams and lotions for minor burns, irritations, abrasions, lacerations, swelling, contusions (bruising) and muscle/joint strains/sprains.