Thank you for checking in!  Due to the ongoing concerns with the Covid-19 Pandemic and governmental restrictions, we have had to make some major changes to our operations to protect our staff and customers. Please note the following changes:

New Store Hours

  • 12 PM to 6 PM (closed all Statutory Holidays)
  • Wednesdays: Pick-Up Window only for the time being (no in-store shopping so that we can catch up on online orders.)  

Social Distancing Measures

  • Only 2 customers are allowed in the shop at a time. Please wait in line outside until a staff can welcome you in.
  • When waiting in line, please do not block the sidewalk and adhere to the required two metre distancing both inside and outside our shop. We really appreciate your cooperations with this issue as it will protect our staff members and customers 
  • If you are not feeling well, please stay home and have a friend or family member pick up your order or use our new delivery service!

Temporary Refill Policy
We are not currently able to refill our customer's containers. Instead, we are filling dry goods into paper bags and wet products into deposit jars and plastic pails. We charge a small deposit fee which we will refund to you when you wash and return them. We will again wash and sanitize these containers and put them back into use. Unfortunately, we will not be accepting deposit containers from our suppliers (Earnest Ice, Say Hello Sweets, Yoggu).

Online Order Option
We now offer the option to preorder online for in-store or curb-side pickups and home deliveries! Please read all the details on the links below and peruse our extensive menus for our selection of bulk products and pricing. Scroll through the pages using the tabs on the bottom of each menu. Please read the ordering instructions and protocol at the beginning of the order form to help you understand how our system works. 

 We look forward to serving you in new ways and bringing you our fine goods in our shop or directly to your home!